Florence Dure


Birth Name: Florence Jacques

Born: August 29, 1988

Florence Dure, also known as Florence El Luche, is a Haitian actress, businesswoman and music video vixen. She made her acting debut in the 2007 Haitian drama-romance movie Ambiance Scolaire which was directed by Francy Seneque and produced by Josue Prevalus. Florence El Luche was born on August 29th,1988.

She recently hosted the 2019 and 219 Prestigious Haitian Music Awards.

Florence El Luche is also the owner of Siret Cosmetics and the co-owner of La Fourchette Restaurant and Dure Tax Services - all located in Miami, Florida. 

Other aliases used by Florence El Luche are Florence Jacques, TuAimesFlo.

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