Dynastie Gala Pays Tribute to Award-Winning Actress Fabienne Colas

Dynastie Gala Pays Tribute to Award-Winning Actress Fabienne Colas

Dynastie Gala pays tribute to Haitian actress and filmmaker Fabienne Colas during the 3rd annual "Gala Dynastie" on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

Celebrated as part of Black History Month, Dynastie Gala aspires to honor a variety of figures from the worlds of culture, business, media, sports, and community work, all of whom project a positive image and act as strong role models for the generations to come.

Win the tribute culture award at the Gala Dynastie and receive a standing ovation of 1 000 people at the TOHU at the end of my speech: #Priceless! I am so grateful to you all for your everyday support. 🙏

Thank you to my team at the fabienne colas foundation, this price is for your work! Thank you to my husband, to my sister @joycefuerza and to my family without whom I wouldn't be anything at all. Thank you to my loyal partners TD Global News @quebecormedia Telefilm Canada, the Canadian Arts Council, the f meat centers. Iasenza and so many others.

Thanks to Francine Grimaldi, dany laferrière @SpikeLee @pkpeladeau, and Karen Macdonald for their indefectible support!

Thanks to the gala of the gala: @carlabeauvais @jacqueskartier @jcduliepre @MarjorieLoria @stendolph.

Thanks to Dominique Anglade who presented me on stage as if I was a queen ;). A woman who supports other women - it's rare these days.
-Fabienne Colas

Fabienne Colas was named one of Canada's Top 40 Under 40 for 2018. This high distinction brings great recognition to the outstanding work she has been doing across Canada and internationally for many years.
Fabienne and her peers were selected from over 800 nominees by an independent Advisory Board, comprising more than 20 business leaders from across Canada.


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https://movielakay.com/uploads/posts/950_534/fabienne-colas-culture-award-gala-dynastie.jpg 2019-03-12 16:15:26 Award-Winning Actress Fabienne Colas won the tribute culture award at the Gala Dynastie. Movie Lakay