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An 11 year-old Haitian girl kidnapped with her little sister for an unfortunately common reason in Haiti.

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Lalo's House focuses on the relentless courage of Manouchka, an 11 year-old Haitian girl, kidnapped with her little sister Phara, for an unfortunately common reason in Haiti: the two girls happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Placed in an orphanage, Manouchka quickly discovers that this orphanage really serves as a child prostitution network.

Out of options, Manouchka has to grow up prematurely if she wants to protect Phara’s innocence. In the darkness of a place that pretends to be the exact opposite of what it really is, childhood and playfulness are giving battle to the cynical horror of the adult world, until Manouchka eventually sacrifices herself in order to save her little sister.

Lalo's House is a story about sisterhood and the infinite resourcefulness of the human heart. It is a story that reflects the identity and paradoxes of Haiti nowadays, as it plays at the border between documentary and fable, terror and innocence, between the relentless destruction and the unsinkable hope.

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