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Ex-convict Sergo's vicious quest for retribution begins after he finds out an old friend is about to get married.

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Solange Mentor 24 years old from Oakland City, Georgia, had a difficult life to say the most. At the age of 15, a sex offender, Sergo, manipulated her. Aided by her best friend Valerie, Solange attempted to escape but unsuccessful. Sergoo upon a misunderstanding with his partner Billy was arrested and sent to prison for twenty years. Solange and Valerie finally took the opportunity and moved to Naples, FL, for a new life. A year later Solange meets Jude, a successful businessman; love was instant and marriage was definite. On the day of the wedding, Sergo unexpectedly showed up; despite the fact that Jude never knew of Solange past they become a target of blackmail. Sergo, his vicious quest for retribution begins.

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