About Movie Lakay

MovieLakay.com is a Haitian movie database site on the World Wide Web, maintaining a large treasure trove of information about Haitian movies, Haitian actors, DVDs, televisions shows, production crew personnel and movie showtimes.

Our database at Movie Lakay is rich and comprehensive, including basic product information, cast and production credits, plot synopsis, professional reviews, biographies, relational links, trailers, and many more

We put this site together because the Haitian movie industry is growing up big. While more and more Haitian movies are being filmed and the distribution base is rapidly expanding, there appears to be inadequate information about the cast, crew, and film production involved. Meeting this need is crucial to Website development. This is our main differentiation factor.

Our main mission is to bring Haitian filmmakers, buyers, resellers, and Haitian movie fans altogether in one place.

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